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How to Sequence your Treatment Plan

sequence your treatment planOne of the biggest advantages of practicing the Dawson Academy Philosophy is being able to sequence treatment by starting with the end in mind.  This allows many of our patients to have the best treatment with the least amount of dentistry, delivered over a longer period of time, which helps patients financially and also allows them to take advantage of their dental benefits.

At the Dawson Academy we begin with a complete examination.  If any signs of instability or esthetic concerns are present, we take a CR bite record and facebow recording, a photographic series, and any necessary imaging.  Once the study casts are mounted in CR on an articulator, our 2D Functional Esthetic checklist and our 3D Treatment Planning checklist are completed.  By following this process, the dentist can sequence the treatment plan for the patient using the following stages.

Stage I

  • Eliminate pain or abscess
  • Address emergency concerns
  • Initial scaling and root planing
  • Caries control
  • Home care instruction

Stage II

  • Splint therapy
  • Equilibration
  • Referrals to specialist
  • Provisional restorations

Stage III

  • Restore mandibular anteriors
  • Restore maxillary anteriors
  • Restore posterior teeth
Once the patient is to the point of a stable occlusion with centric stops on all teeth (or an acceptable substitute), anterior guidance, no posterior interferences in working or balancing side excursions, and no interferences in protrusive, they are able to move to final restorations as quickly or slowly as they desire.

The key to sequencing treatment, as Dr. Dawson would say, is to “start with the end in mind.”  By completing the thorough exam, taking photographs, and having accurately mounted study models, you can use the 2D Functional Esthetic checklist and the 3D Treatment Planning checklist to develop a treatment plan that gives your patient the best treatment and allows you to sequence the treatment efficiently and effectively.


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Dr. Laura Wittenauer is a senior faculty member at The Dawson Academy, where she teaches the Core Curriculum with fellow faculty members. She owns and operates her private practice in Newport Beach, California. Dr. Wittenauer’s practice focuses on helping patients achieve optimum oral health.