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Webinar: Smile Design- Treatment Planning 'Ideal' But Treating 'Reality'

Have you ever had a patient say this, ”I just want a natural looking smile.” What does that even mean?!

Balancing a patient's wants and desires with the parameters of smile design and function can be a daunting task for any clinician. One of the key components in talking smile design is to create a vision to help the patient envision what’s possible. This could be through the use of Photoshop, an iPad, or a Smile Design App. In doing so, the patient now has the ability to connect with a potential outcome so that their needs become their wants? This creates less tension regarding the treatment plan to ‘ideal’ when treating ‘reality.’ By allowing the patient to view the ideal in their own mouth the dentist can begin treatment to ideal while dealing with treating reality.

How do we discuss orthodontics with a patient when they don’t want ortho? How do we discuss gum surgery when the patient just wants their veneers? We have to allow the patient to see a vision of their ideal outcome in order to open their eyes and begin to create a connection with that emotion stirred up in them.

Smile Design Webinar Learning Objectives

  • Learn simple smile design elements for a naturally esthetic smile
  • Discover how to increase case acceptance for the patients using a simple photo
  • Discuss how to talk about treatment options with the use of an iPad, Photoshop or Smile Design App

Join Drs. Zach Sisler and John Cranham for Shaping the Cosmetic Practice: From Ordinary to Exceptional on Friday, June 12th. Register here.