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Where Does My Staff Fit into Complete Dentistry?

Where does my staff fit into complete dentistry? Well, they fit in every step of the process. A strong and supportive team is the key to a sustainable practice.

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From front office staff to hygienist

It starts with my reception team, my office manager as they are answering the phone calls. It's my assistant as they're discussing information with the patient, entering it into the computer. It's my hygiene team as they go over cases afterwards, checking for signs of instability and talking about unresolved treatment.

A complete team backs you up on every level

Complete dentistry can only work in my office when I have a complete team that backs me up at every level or every step of the process. I couldn't do what I do without the help of the team. I've trained them at The Academy. I have had meetings with them regularly.

Get your team to own Complete Dentistry

When I came back from The Academy in the first place, I actually did my first set of records on my team members. It got them to be part of the process. It got them to own the concept of complete dentistry so they're talking about it with patients even before I need to. So where does my staff fit in to complete dentistry? They fit in at every step of the game.

Get your team to own this philosophy by taking them to Implementing Complete Care Dentistry.

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