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Finding time to train employees (and answers to other FAQs)

Question & Answer for DentistsWe know our lecture, Functional Occlusion - From TMJ to Smile Design, covers a large amount of important material. That's why we often hold question & answer sessions for those that have attended our course. 

Our most recent Q&A session was with Dr. Leonard Hess, Senior Faculty Member. Dr. Benjamin Ahlbrecht also joined him, who shared the questions he's getting answered as he goes through The Dawson Academy curriculum. 

During this webinar, Drs. Hess & Ahlbrecht answer all of the following questions:

  • There was so much good, meaty information in the seminar, but it’s a little overwhelming to figure out how to break it down into manageable pieces to implement. Where do you suggest I start?
  • How to equilibrate and treat patients with brackets and joint tenderness? The ortho is going out of centric relation...Should I involve my orthodontist in leaving and postponing an orthodontic therapy? Or how to manufacture a splint on a patient with brackets ( incogniti and classical ones…)
  • I don’t yet know how to equilibrate, etc. What should I do in the meantime with my patients?
  • How do I practice getting CR reliably?
  • How do I find time to do more comprehensive exams, case presentations & model work?
  • What about if MI goes distally from my CR? It is impossible to go distally on an articulator... ( kavo protar 7). Is that possible or am I definitely wrong with my CR record?
  • How do you find time to train your employees?
  • I am an associate in a practice where making suggestions or change is difficult. Do you have any advice?
  • How do you overcome patient objections to finances with larger cases?
  • How do you convey to patients the importance of this type of dentistry?
  • How do I get my staff to understand the philosophy & why I want to make changes?
  • I’m still not confident that I entirely understand the concepts. How did you learn more after the first seminar?

To hear the answers to these questions, watch the recorded webinar below.

How to Avoid Mistakes During Dental Treatment Planning

Leonard A. Hess, DDS is the Clinical Director at The Dawson Academy and joined the faculty in 2009. He owns Union County Center for Comprehensive Dentistry in Charlotte, North Carolina, and practices full time in addition to teaching continuing education courses. He is a member of the editorial board for Inside Dentistry and has had over 17 articles published in peer-reviewed journals. He is also a member of the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry, AACD, ADA, AES, and NCDS. Dr. Hess began teaching continuing education courses in 2005 on topics including occlusion, smile design, treatment planning, preparation design, and practice integration of Complete Care Dentistry. He’s taught full-day continuing education courses at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s national meeting, The Greater New York Dental Meeting, AACD National Meeting, Pacific Dental Conference, Ontario Dental Association meeting, and The Yankee Dental Conference. Dr. Hess has taught courses in Japan, Germany, Poland, China, and Canada.