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Top books for The Complete Dentist

While furthering our education is normally best suited for the classroom, books will always be an essential piece of continuous learning. Whether we are learning about the timeless pillars of dentistry or the keys to finding the perfect balance in our personal lives, these resources have helped guide us to be the best we can be.

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Why a Unified Practice Vision is Essential to Complete Dentistry

Having a unified practice vision is essential for implementing complete dentistry. As doctors, we need to have a clear picture or vision of the type of practice we want to have. What type of dentistry do we want to offer? What level of service do we want to deliver to our patients? What does the office look and feel like? What is the reputation we want to have? And what is the personality or culture of our practice?

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The Dawson Difference: How it changed my practice and life

My experience with The Dawson Academy started with a perfect storm in my practice. It was a combination of:

  • I bought a practice that had a lot of patients with a long history of facial pain and TMJ problems.
  • I was ill prepared to treat them, but most importantly is I was unconsciously incompetent. I didn't realize I didn't know what I was doing.
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Breathing, Airway and Dental Occlusion Quiz

The Dawson Academy has been teaching for decades the importance of understanding occlusion in order to provide patients with predictable, functional, and long-lasting care. With the groundswell of recent research it has become clear that airway and sleep-disordered breathing must also be a consideration for patients' long-term health.

Are you screening and treating breathing and airway issues predictably?

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Dealing with employee pushback

Have you ever come back from a course all excited about everything that you've learned, only to find out that your staff really isn’t all that much excited about it? I want to give you a quick tip today so that you could avoid having this problem after the next course that you come to.

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