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5 Secrets to Treating Any Case Predictably and Confidently

Secrets for Dentists to Gain ConfidenceIt is absolutely possible to treat any case predictably and confidently.

The following are 5 secrets to treating even the most complex cases predictably:

1. Understand how the masticatory system works in harmony and what happens when it is not.

We will teach you how the entire system should work, signs of disharmony and more in a way that is easy to understand and digest.

2. Collect all the necessary records accurately so you can provide predictable treatment.

Clyde Schyler once said that “sloppy models are not an indication of sloppy dentistry, it is absolute proof!” Without accurate and full data, your treatment plan is mere guesswork. The great news is that there is no need for guesswork in your dentistry and a full set of accurate records is the first step to eliminating it.

3. Educate your patients about their oral health and understand their goals related to it.

Every patient deserves to be educated about what is going on in their mouth and the consequences of not treating any issues. The added bonus of doing so is that when patients understand their problems, the rate of treatment acceptance rises dramatically.

4. Use The Dawson Academy checklists for everything you do - from taking initial records to creating the final restoration.

By using a checklist, you insure no crucial steps are skipped and that you deliver the same quality dentistry every time - no matter if it is a single crown or a full mouth restoration. The checklists we provide are based on the principles of Dr. Peter Dawson and used by our students and 20+ faculty members. You’ll be surprised how quickly you are able to eliminate re-makes, saving you time and money. We've made it even easier to use the checklists now with the Dawson Diagnostic Wizard.

5. Communicate effectively and efficiently with your lab and specialists.

A case can hit road bumps when it comes to the work done by a lab or specialists, but more often than not it is the fault of the general dentist. Lab technicians and specialists aren’t mind readers. It is the responsibility of the general dentist to provide those they work with all the necessary information to do their job fully and predictably, as well. We teach you what information to provide them and tips for communicating more effectively.

What other tips do you have for predictability in dentistry

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