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Webinar | Treatment Planning: The All on 4/5/6 The Dawson Way

In this webinar you will learn the fundamentals of diagnosing and treatment planning a full arch implant-supported prosthesis.

"I wanted to share a bigger picture of the steps we take to treatment plan these cases. You will pay a big price for this on the restorative side if you don't get it right." - John C. Cranham, DDS

Special emphasis will be placed on visualizing where the teeth need to reside in space for optimum esthetics, phonetics, function, and biologic health. You will see how the Dawson Academy 2D and 3D protocols, in conjunction with a CBCT and digital design, allows you to visualize and plan optimally. This webinar is a precursor to a full, in-depth live stream course led by Dr. Cranham on November 13, 2020.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine what specific data is needed to correct incisal edge position, incisal planes, occlusal planes and vertical dimension.

  • Compare how occlusal design on all on 4/5/6 cases differs from occlusal design on teeth.

  • Outline protocols to visualize optimum implant placement, based on tooth position.

  • Identify the different software options available to properly plan these cases.

Watch Dr. John Cranham's webinar:

All-on-four treatment is some of the most challenging, complex dentistry we can do. We must look at the critical information that must be known to decrease your chances of failing cases while achieving successful outcomes and Complete Care.

In an upcoming live stream course led by Dr. Cranham, special emphasis will be placed on visualizing optimum tooth position, from an esthetic as well as a functional perspective, in both an analog and digital format. Virtual implant placement, and surgical guide design will be discussed to insure optimum implant placement, and optimum design of the prosthesis. You will also learn the most common ways these cases fail to decrease the chance of that happening to you.

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