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How Our Treatment Planning Protocols Impacts a Practice

Becoming a Dawson-trained dentist will change the way a dentist practices and Dr. Leonard Hess's case shows you how.

Before TreatmentIn this case study, Dr. Hess goes through one of his cases (before picture to the right), demonstrating how he would have treated the patient prior to his training at The Dawson Academy and the treatment he ultimately recommended and completed.

Discover how his change in treatment approach resulted in:

  • Correct diagnosis (which her previous dentist got wrong)
  • Long-lasting treatment plan (which the patient did not experience prior)
  • Higher production (by over $2000)
Click here to download the case study now.

Leonard Hess, D.D.S. is a senior faculty member at The Dawson Academy, joining the faculty in 2009. He owns Union County Center for Comprehensive Dentistry in Charlotte, North Carolina, and he practices full time in addition to teaching continuing education courses all around the world.