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A Simplified Understanding of Anterior Guidance

Figure2.jpgThe key to success in restoring anterior teeth is the precise location of the incisal edges; where those incisal edges are will determine many things regarding the anterior restoration (including long-term success). It’s important to understand that there is no norm that works for every patient. In fact, the anterior guidance on each case will differ notably.

There are very definitive ways of determining where anterior teeth should go and the inclination they should be in so that there is no guesswork required.

In this whitepaper, Dr. Peter Dawson, best selling author and world reknown lecturer, discusses the function and importance of anterior guidance. 

Download this whitepaper and learn:
  • Why getting the anterior guidance correct is so crucial
  • The three requirements for protecting back teeth, predictable comfort, best phonetics and best esthetics
  • Is anterior guidance really a myth?

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How to determine Anterior Guidance

Peter E. Dawson, D.D.S. is the founder of The Dawson Academy and is considered to be one of the most influential clinicians and teachers in the history of dentistry. He authored the best selling dental text, Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Occlusal Problems.