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Webinar: Using Composite to Create a Stable Occlusion

In this presentation, Dr. Ian Buckle will discuss and describe methods to utilize composite to create occlusal stability both temporarily and as a transitional phase. Being able to provide occlusal stability in such a way will enable treatment plans to be spread over a long period of time easing the economic strain on the patient and allowing more patients to embrace complete solutions.

In this webinar, learn: 

  • Why a complete examination, diagnosis and treatment plan is crucial to predictable success
  • Several methods to deliver functionally correct restorations with different levels of esthetic benefit for the patient
  • Tips on when to use each technique
  • How to mange patient expectations
  • How and when to transition to final restorations
  • Enjoy this free one hour webinar, Using Composite to Create a Stable Occlusion with Dr. Ian Buckle.
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Picture of Dr. Ian Buckle

Dr. Ian Buckle, BDS is the Director of The Dawson Academy U.K and a senior faculty member at The Dawson Academy. He owns Buckle Advanced Dental Care in Wirral, England where he practices fulltime. He lectures on minimally invasive dentistry, digital dentistry and interdisciplinary dentistry.