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Webinar: Effectively sequencing treatment on your next restorative case

Learn how to phase complex treatment plans with this series of steps!

This webinar explores the necessary steps to complete a case for predictable results in regards to function, phonetics and esthetics. We will present 2 cases discussing how phasing treatment will result in less breakage and costly remakes.

During our presentation, you will uncover a vital series of steps that must be considered in order to properly sequence your next case. Our goal is to ensure that you are accurately starting with the final result in mind during this one-hour webinar.

We will examine:

  • Steps needed for predictability in your next restorative case
  • Importance of envisioning the end result to create an effective treatment sequence
  • In-depth analysis of the vital steps in all restorative treatment
Want to learn the in-depth checklist approach with Dr. DuPont and other key Dawson faculty? Learn about Treatment Planning - Functional Esthetic Excellence here!
Picture of Dr. Glenn DuPont

Glenn DuPont, DDS is a senior faculty member at The Dawson Academy, and one of the original faculty members. He co-owns DuPont & Wilkerson Dentistry in St. Petersburg, FL with fellow faculty member Dr. DeWitt Wilkerson. He has taught the Core Curriculum to thousands of dentists all around the world.