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Webinar: Joints or Muscles - What is your Complete Exam telling you?

As Dr. Dawson said “Every great treatment plan comes from well organized examination and records appointments."

Dr. Johnson will discuss the key aspects of an occlusal muscle exam, what load testing is revealing, and why our seven screening questions are so important to help uncover the issues beneath the surface of patient problems.

During this webinar we will:

  • Explain how an occlusal muscle examination provides valuable diagnostic information
  • Describe the signs and symptoms of occlusal disease
  • Recall how load testing gives clues to determine if the patient has a muscle or joint issue
  • List screening questions you should be asking EVERY patient

Ensure that you are never misdiagnosing a patient by completing a full set of records sure your Complete Exam! Learn more about our hands-on workshop, Examination and Records here: Discover Now

Picture of Dr. Shannon Johnson

Shannon Johnson, DMD is an associate faculty member at the Dawson Academy. She also leads two Dawson Study Clubs and teaches the Core Curriculum. Dr. Johnson owns and operates her practice in Louisville, KY.