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Total Health Series - Busting Myths About Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is America’s leading health threat. None of us look forward to a heart attack, stroke, dementia or organ failure. But CVD affects 1 in 3 and soon to affect 1 in 2 Americans. 

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MYTH: The greatest threat for heart disease is high cholesterol. 
BUST: Wrong! The greatest risk is inflammation which extends from the most common form of bacterial inflammation, periodontal disease, to obesity, insulin resistance, OSA, vitamin D deficiency, food sensitivities, acid reflux and more.

MYTH: Heart disease is familial. If you inherit the gene, it’s hard to beat. 
BUST: Not so! You also inherit an intrinsically risky lifestyle. Even if you are genetically predisposed, you can learn how to “cool” your vessels down in order to avoid a life-threatening event.

MYTH: You can’t assess your risk of CVD until you have an event or a stress test. 
BUST: NO! You can predict and preempt the CVD by learning your risk factors. A saliva test for genetic predisposition, a saliva test for CVD-dangerous periodontal pathogens, a blood test for key biomarkers, and a CIMT, ultrasound of your neck arteries, will help you know your current risks.

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