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Webinar | The Perfect Pair: Maxillary Denture & the Mandibular Hybrid

Restoring the edentulous patient challenges us with many treatment options which can be overwhelming at times.

From complete dentures, to 2-implant overdentures, to fixed hybrids, how do we know which option is best? This one hour dental webinar will discuss a very specific case type: a maxillary denture opposing a fixed implant hybrid. The rationale for this "perfect pair" will be discussed, as well as a step by step approach to treatment planning that can be applied to all patients who need and want this treatment option.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine how to identify the perfect candidates for this perfect pair
  • Distinguish the advantages of this treatment option which will build confidence with case presentation
  • Describe how to sequence treatment, a step by step approach
  • Customize what a denture conversion process looks like
  • Develop the occlusal scheme necessary for this option

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Daxon's protocol's to fabricating complete dentures, join her in Keys for Predictably Fabricating Complete Dentures.