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Solving Treatment Planning Dilemmas

Keys to a predictable path of stability

The treatment planning process can be the biggest challenge for any dentist. The goal of all treatment plans is to create long-term stability in the masticatory system regardless of how simple or complex a patient’s conditions present. However, the dilemmas that dentists face sometimes lead to restorative failure or patient dissatisfaction.

In solving these problems, one must ask several question. Where do you start?

When do you phase treatment? How do you sequence a treatment plan correctly? What procedures can you provide should your patient not accept the 'ideal' treatment plan? You will learn:

  • Outlining the necessary records for predictable diagnosis and treatment
  • Understanding how the Dawson treatment planning protocols create specific procedures
  • How to use composite to stabilize an occlusion 
  • Phasing & sequencing treatment to manage an occlusion
  • Modifying complete treatment plans and creating modified ones

Enjoy this free one hour webinarSolving Treatment Planning Dilemmas: The keys to a predictable path of stability with Dr. Neeraj Khanna.

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Neeraj Khanna, D.D.S. is a senior faculty member and study club leader at The Dawson Academy. Dr. Khanna also owns his own practice, Khanna Dentistry, in Geneva, Illinois, which provides comprehensive dental services, including cosmetic and restorative dentistry.