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Webinar | The Socket: Inside and Out

One of the most challenging areas in implant dentistry is managing a socket post-extraction.

Specifically, the challenge in how to maintain the socket to allow for an ideal foundation for future implant placement. This webinar will look at the extraction socket from all angles including the biology and how it changes to ways to preserve the socket. Grafting materials and suturing techniques will be discussed along with a video demonstration of a socket preservation on a model.

Learning Objectives
  • Biology – Describe the changes that happen when a tooth is extracted
  • The Types of Socket and Blood Supply -- Explain the Types of Socket and the importance of their Blood Supply sources
  • Socket Preservation Techniques – Determine the rationale for Socket Preservation Techniques
  • Demonstration of Socket Preservation -- Summarize how to do a socket preservation including membrane and graft placement and suturing techniques to close

To learn more about proper protocols to socket management and implant placement, join Dr. Pio Modi for Replacing Missing Teeth: From Partials to Implants. Learn more here

Picture of Dr. Pio Modi

Dr. Pio Modi is the Associate Director of the Ambassador Program for the Dawson Academy and the Study Club leader for the Toronto Club. He maintains a private practice in Brantford, Ontario, Canada with a specific focus on Full Arch Restorative, Cosmetic and Implant/Surgical Dentistry.