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What are common reasons cases fail?

We asked Dawson Faculty members, "What are the common reasons cases fail?" These are their responses: 


Dr. Doyle Freano: No matter how excited a patient is to start, or how lined up the financial arrangements are, or how open your schedule maybe, or how excited you maybe to do the case, you have to take time through the whole diagnostic process and not take any short steps in your records, or your photography, or your communications with your lab, your diagnostic wax-ups.

Many times, in the middle of the case, my phone will ring and they will start talking to me about the problems they have. When we go back and look at how they got into that situation, the problem came because they took shortcuts in the diagnostic process.

Dr. DeWitt Wilkerson: Without a doubt, number 1 is the lack of proper diagnosis. And so if the patient has sort of a hidden joint problem and we jump in there and we do a equilibration, we may find they come back and they are more uncomfortable: unresolved muscle disorders, unresolved airway problems, these are very common. So a lack of proper and complete diagnosis.

Dr. Ian Buckle: If we get the diagnosis incorrect or if we do not make a good diagnosis, that is certainly going to make a case fail. Even before that, when we collect our records, if we do not get a great starting point, a stable starting point, we are going to be heading in the wrong direction from day 1.

And perhaps the most important thing is that when we sit with our patients at that very first time, if we do not listen very carefully and understand what it is that the patient is looking for, it is amazing how even though we could carry out fantastic treatment, we could be not listening and not following what result they are looking for.

So every stage, again, is very, very important. Yes, it can fail at execution. Treatment planning is incredibly important. But let us get all our steps before that in place, and that is going to lead us to a great result.

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