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What are your quality controls?

We asked three Dawson faculty members, 'What are your quality controls?' Here were their answers:


Dr. Steve Hoard: Basically, my quality controls are checklists of me looking at my dentistry, having my staff being accountable for the dentistry, having the lab being accountable for my dentistry so that we're all speaking on the same level, and we're all open about how to do things better.

Dr. Shannon Johnson: One of the biggest things that I could recommend would be to actually check the lab work that you get back in your office about a week ahead of time from seeing the patient. You want to check, make sure that they followed the prescription, that the shade that they have delivered is the requested shade. And then you can also check out and make sure that the function follows your custom incisal guide table and your incisal edge matrix. And that you just really like the case.

Dr. Andrew Cobb: The quality control is is that we check to make sure that on the mounted case what we saw in the operatory is same as what we see on the mounted models. If it's right, we finish the models and we proceed with treatment or evaluation. If it's not right we bring the patient back. We got to get another record. It's very important that we start with accurately mounted models in centric relation.

What are your quality controls? Share them with us in the comments!

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