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Dentists: What is fremitus and why is it important?

Fremitus is the perceived vibration of a tooth when it comes into contact with another tooth.

This is very important for a number of reasons. It is something we should look at in our new patient examinations and is something that we have to check and make sure that is not present when we are finishing occlusal equilibration.

Why does fremitus happen?

There is 3 main reasons that was taught to us by Dr. Dawson.

  1. Posterior interferences that drive the mandible forward causing the mandible in our lower teeth to slam into those front teeth. So that is the first one.
  2. Not providing long centric for our patients.
  3. A restricted envelope of function.

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Fremitus is crucial when we are finishing our equilibrations. We have to make sure there is no fremitis present.

And the best way to test it is the tips of your finger nail, put it on the teeth, have the patients lightly contact, then firmly contact those teeth, and then have them grind in all directions. If you have perceived any vibration, fremitus, in any of these teeth, then you have to take a step back and then readjust these teeth until the fremitus is removed.

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