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Why Is My Dentistry Breaking?

Here at The Dawson Academy, we get a lot of questions. Among all of the questions I hear from our students, one of the main questions that we get is why is my dentistry breaking? And what can I do to prevent that from happening again?



Quick Tip- Why is my dentistry breaking_

Stable Occlusion

And why my dentistry is breaking has to have everything to do with the occlusion and how teeth come together, rather than our lab and trying to blame our lab for faulty crowns or faulty restorations that are coming back from the lab. In reality, it's our job to look at the occlusion properly, to make sure the forces are going on those teeth and our restorations properly.

Occlusal Requirements

This means looking to see if the joint is seated in its proper position. All teeth come together with equal pressure, all the way around, and any movement of the jaw is anterior guided, therefore, separating the back teeth.

So our dentistry that's breaking is typically due to excessive forces placed in the wrong position and we can solve those problems by making sure that we have proper occlusion for that dentistry to last the very longest it can.

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Stephen Hoard, DDS is an associate faculty member at The Dawson Academy and leads the Twin Rivers Study Club. He owns his practice in New Bern, NC where he practices full-time. Dr. Hoard teaches The Dawson Academy’s core curriculum, particularly Treatment Planning and Examination & Records.