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Dawson Quick Tip: Why Your Lab Must Have Complete Records

So I'd like to talk about how important records are from both the dental chair to the laboratory.

You can't do anything without great records.

And that means taking really quality impressions. That means making sure that the details of taking the bite that you're literally taking your finger and pressing the wax in between the teeth, so that when you can mount those casts that you can really tell that everything's seated.

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We work in microns. It's important for us to be able to get as accurate of dental records as possible. So when we get the records to the laboratory we can turn around and do mountings that will provide you the final product that is absolutely predictable. And the only way to really do that is to follow the criteria that the Dawson Academy set forth.

I would actually encourage you to go to utilize The Dawson Academy's online videos, and teach your staff, and teach your technicians, your mounting technicians how to do these things properly, because it makes or breaks every case that we do.

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