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Why use Centric Relation?

Why use Centric Relation (CR)? I like to call CR the eighth wonder of the world as described by my good buddy, Lenny Hess.

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Centric Relation represents the only stable jaw-to-jaw relationship.

CR also gives us the opportunity to provide the only truly interference-free occlusion. If there's a CR-MI slide from a stable joint-seated position, we can also provide an occlusal scheme at an infinite number of VDO's. So, why use CR? You should use CR if you want to maintain your predictability.

Learn all about verifying and utilizing Centric Relation in Functional Occlusion - From TMJ to Smile Design. Learn more here

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Dr. Rajeev Upadya, D.M.D. is a senior faculty member at The Dawson Academy, and he launched The Dawson Academy in India in 2014. He owns Esthetic Dental Care in Florham Park, New Jersey where he practices fulltime.